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PM Link Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s best-known independent project management firms. Building future cities through successful collaborations with clients, PM Link delivers complex government, commercial and residential building and construction projects across Southeast Asia. It is a fully-owned subsidiary of CPG Corporation (“CPG”), which offers a complete suite of consultancy services comprising architecture and engineering, infrastructure, building development and management services. PM Link is thus well-positioned to leverage the expertise of field experts across the built environment sector and provide holistic solutions.

Incorporated in 2001 and as the project manager of choice for many developers, building owners and building operators, PM Link delivers the best outcomes within scope, time and budget. More importantly, we share our clients’ goals and aspirations to transform cities into high quality environments for communities to live, work and play together.  


Our clients love our collaborative approach, appreciate our counsel and dedication to our profession. As part of CPG, our project managers are also able to tap onto our multidisciplinary teams to offer innovative, bespoke solutions that are sustainable and resilient. Together, we create successes from the synergy built on mutual trust and respect with our clients and partners.  

PM Link has played an integral role in many Singapore’s iconic projects, such as Gardens by the Bay, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID), State Courts and Eunoia Junior College.


“Dedicated and put in extra effort in monitoring the project timeline. Led the team to ensure timely response to deadlines and resolved issues to achieve project milestones.” 

- An institutional project client

“The prompt responsiveness and positive attitude of the project management deserve to be commended.”

– An educational project client 

“Dedicated, committed and efficient service rendered.”

- An institutional project client

Let's build FUTURE CITIES together

We have successfully collaborated with clients to build high quality environments for communities to live, work and play together.  

Let's transform tomorrow’s cities together.

Workplace Safety & Health

Employees are our most important asset, and the safety and well-being of employees are vital. We strive to create a workplace that puts our employees in a safe work environment with zero accidents, injuries, or occupational dangers. Our "Zero Harm" strategy reflects our steadfast commitment to continually improve safety standards through robust safety policies and procedures. We encourage our employees to take an active role in ensuring a safe working environment through knowledge sharing, offering feedback and developing new methods to improve workplace safety. Together, we work to create a safe and healthy work environment for all PM Link employees. Read our “Workplace Safety and Health Policy” here


Whistle Blowing Policy

At PM Link, our employees are expected to conduct themselves with a high standard of professionalism and ethics in business. As part of good corporate governance, employees or external parties can raise concerns and bring attention to our management, any possible violations, unethical or questionable practices in confidence without risking reprisal. For any disclosure, please email

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