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“Our team of dynamic, modern and forward-looking project managers (PMs) are client-centric in their approach to all projects. Our PMs focus on quality assurance, strategic use of technology and continual learning through skills training. Moving ahead, we will be incorporating digitalisation into every project so as to offer data-driven valuable insights to clients. With these skills and knowledge, our PMs can deliver even better outcomes for our clients.”  

– Tan Cheng Chuah, Managing Director

“Projects in the construction industry naturally comprise of many fragments of work. It is the role of a capable Project Manager to piece all the components together and provide clear leadership to drive all stakeholders towards a successful outcome for the client. With our team of experienced and highly capable project managers, PM Link is the right partner to help our clients achieve their best outcomes.”

– Kueh Yi Shi, Project Manager 

“Since joining PM Link, I have had the opportunities to collaborate with clients and various stakeholders on challenging projects. Our management supports us by providing advice and guidance so that we can create solutions that overcome challenges for our projects. Throughout, the clients have been pleased with the services we rendered in order to meet their requirements.”  

– Eugene Tan, Senior Project Manager 

“Over my 3 years in PM Link, I was challenged to work on many different projects of varying complexities. Every project is unique but the skills and the continual training that we receive at PM Link empower us to manage each project successfully. It is a great satisfaction for me to start every project with just the client’s ideas and concepts, and seeing it built for use by the users.”

– Helena Phua, Project Manager

“Our team of Project Managers help clients to improve efficiency and productivity through the strategic use of technologies. This is especially important in complex, multi-year projects as we need to overcome disruptions and manage risks quickly in a rational, professional and methodical manner.”

– Marilyn Yong, Project Manager