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PM Link provides project management services to enable developers, building owners and building operators achieve their building and infrastructure project goals and objectives within scope, time, and budgetary constraints. 


Our wide range of services cover the initial planning stage to construction project management stage. Leveraging the expertise of the multidisciplinary teams within CPG Corporation, we are well-positioned to address issues, propose pragmatic solutions and find a better way forward.

Reach out to our friendly project managers,  who look forward to collaborating with you on your Request for Quotation (RFQ) or Request for Information (RFI).

  • Project Start-Up Advisory & Planning
    Start your project right with our preliminary consultancy advisory services to ensure alignment of plans and programming.
  • Project Feasibility Studies
    We do the research, gather and analyse the data, and assess these against the expected costs and financial obligations so that you have the right information to decide on the viability of your project.
  • Project Scheduling & Control
    We take a systematic approach in planning the project activities. This approach involves identification of Critical Path Method and the application of compressing techniques to ensure timely delivery of your project.
  • Budget Planning & Cost Control
    We conduct project budget planning with multi-disciplinary consultants to meet your allocated budget.
  • Design for Safety
    We ensure that your project is in compliance with Workplace Safety and Health (Design for Safety) Regulations 2015. Our DfSP services help clients facilitate DfS review process and prepare for DfS register throughout the duration of the project.
  • Contract Management
    We offer contract advisory services where our Project Managers guide you on the types of contract suitable for your project.
  • Program Management
    We provide program management services to help you group portfolio of projects into an entity and ensure projects are managed, coordinated, and communicated in an efficient manner to achieve collative success.
  • Procurement (Tender) Management
    We help the project to achieve fairness, transparency and value optimisation. Our procurement management services include helping to advise and formulate the appropriate tender processes or strategies for the project. We manage the entire project tender from invitation to the final award.
  • Risk Management
    Whether threats or opportunities, we help you evaluate the risks carefully by developing the risk matrix and risk management plan and evaluating the impact of risks on your project. We then help you implement the control processes to eliminate, reduce or transfer the risk.
  • Design Management
    Bringing your design to life involves strong design management skills. Our Project Managers help you to manage the multi-disciplinary consultants from concept to schematic and detailed stages.
  • Change Management
    For a project to be delivered within budget, our Project Managers ensure strict adherence to the Change Integrated Process Control process in which only the changes approved by the stakeholders are undertaken.
  • Value Engineering Management
    Our Project Managers take an integral approach to managing multi-disciplinary teams in delivering the best value for our clients. These could involve improving the function of the building, reducing costs or even in reviewing design or work method to obtain cost economy and/or time economy.
  • Construction Management
    Our Project Managers help you to monitor, control and report on the project’s progress throughout the construction phase. Our Planning & Construction Manager Services include contract administration, safety management on site, public relations management and site and environmental management.
  • Project Recovery Management
    When trouble hits a project, we are able to step in to analyse the underlying issues and offer the right solution. We help you move ahead with the recommended actions and chart the course to implement the recovery plan.
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