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Collaborating to Shape the Future of Singapore's Modern Landscape

The pandemic has brought on many changes, including the need to constantly review and re-establish norms and practices in the workplace. In the building and construction sector, Singapore is continually assessing and implementing new regulations and guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all workers in the industry, as well as preparing the new or upgraded buildings and infrastructures to be future-ready.

As experienced project managers with a strong track record, PM Link works closely with our clients to help them achieve the best outcomes for their building and construction projects while adhering to new regulations and guidelines.

Modern Building for Peace, Hope and Harmony

One of our current clients is the Singapore Soka Association (SSA), a Buddhist organisation established to promote the understanding and practice of Nichiren Buddhism.

We are currently collaborating closely with SSA to build its ninth activity centre in the north-eastern part of Singapore. Situated at Sumang Walk in Punggol, this new five-storey building with an attic will be a modern building for peace, hope and harmony, and is targeted for completion by end 2021.

This new centre is conceived as one of the SSA’s “castles of kosen-rufu”, a palace where its members can be inspired as they carry out their activities for individual happiness and world peace. This is also the place where SSA members can be at ease to bond, learn, and grow through their faith activities.

In addition, this new centre is also envisioned to be their global hub to welcome people of different nationalities, faiths, and races to participate in various community-bonding activities.

“When we first conceived this new centre, we were a little concerned as there were many aspects of the construction project to consider, especially when we hope to complete the project within a short time frame. Therefore, we needed an experienced partner whom we can rely upon to guide us and work with our committee and other stakeholders to achieve our vision,” says Mr Loh Seng Kwok, SSA’s Vice General Director and Building Project Team Leader.

“With PM Link, we have good synergy based on mutual trust and respect. The young and dynamic project managers have been highly collaborative and shown a great deal of dedication to our project.”

Modern Healthcare for a Better Future

In Singapore, the Ministry of Health (MOH) takes a people-centric approach in delivering medical excellence, promoting good health, reducing illness, and providing access to quality, affordable healthcare. With the increasing demand for healthcare services, the MOH continues to build healthcare capacity in acute and community hospitals, polyclinics and nursing homes.

PM Link is proud to be involved in the project management of new healthcare facilities that meet the growing needs of the society. In addition, we are also helping our clients to build a more sustainable environment by attaining the highest BCA Green Mark certification. Green Mark compliant buildings can contribute significantly to the environment as these buildings will be more resource and energy-efficient, offer a better quality indoor environment and potentially have a reduced impact on our environment.

“As agreed with our client team, we aim to achieve Platinum rating for the sector-appropriate Green Mark scheme. Following our discussions with the client team, the PMs will need to engage proactively with the various stakeholders, including the Green Mark consultants, users and operators, to align with the client’s objectives. We collaborate closely with all stakeholders to evaluate and finalise the agreed green mark,” says Mr. Kyaw Waiyan, Senior Project Manager, PM Link.

Launched in 2005, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark scheme is an internationally recognised green building rating system tailored for the tropical climate. Green Mark sets parameters and establishes indicators to guide each building’s design, construction, and operation towards increased energy effectiveness and enhanced environmental performance.

Modern Schools for the Future of Singapore Singapore's education system focuses on preparing our young for the future by helping them access opportunities, become lifelong learners, and carve out their pathway to success. In line with this focus, the Ministry of Education (MOE) ensures that schools are resourced to support educators and students on their journeys.

For almost two years, Ms. Kueh Yi Shi, Project Manager, PM Link, has been working closely with the team and various stakeholders to develop a new school campus.

“Working in close collaboration with the client team, I have experienced the benefits of the school’s culture and appreciate the values that guide their actions and thinking. Throughout this redevelopment project, the team continually engages with the client to share our counsel on the impact of new BCA guidance or regulations on the project timeline and deliverables. Our ability to adapt quickly to changes and lead with a positive outlook will bode well for the project's success,” says Yi Shi.

Modern Technologies for Operational Excellence

As one of Singapore’s premier project management services firms, PM Link aims to steer the project management sector through digitalisation and proficient use of technology to deliver higher productivity and better cost savings for clients. To that end, the company has appointed a task force to learn, evaluate and share new technologies for various work applications.

“One area that we are focusing on is digitisation. Traditionally, the industry has been paper-based, but we are moving towards reducing our reliance on printed documents. We are embracing digitisation to enhance our abilities further to work collaboratively and effectively. We are also making good progress towards using cloud-based systems to drive efficiency and sustainability,” says Ms. Quek Ying Ying, Project Manager leading the task force.

Nodding in agreement is Ms. Marilyn Yong, Project Manager, who explains that she has been relying on digital signatures for her documents. “By going paperless for projects, our notes and markups on the digital documents can be shared and reviewed by clients and the various stakeholders in the project, thus saving time and costs for our client.”

Other technologies that the PM Link team is considering includes augmented reality (AR) to improve productivity on-site and solutions for virtual walk-throughs of the construction site.

Modern Project Managers for a Modern Society

Throughout its 20 years of success and contribution to Singapore, PM Link has been staying true to its mission to provide quality project management services through customised solutions for clients.

Our collaborative approach, proactive engagement with stakeholders on sustainability and technology adoption enable us to remain as the solid and reliable partner for high quality building and construction projects that serve the evolving needs of modern society.


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