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PRESS RELEASE: PM Link Marks 20-Year Business Milestone with New Corporate Logo

Singapore, 16 February 2022 - PM Link Pte Ltd (PM Link), a subsidiary of Singapore-based multidisciplinary-consultancy services and building management firm CPG Corporation, marks a significant milestone of being in the business for two decades in the built environment industry. The company is also unveiling a new corporate logo to signify its next phase of growth as it strategises to meet the future evolution of the project management industry.

Established in 2001, PM Link set out as a project management services firm to help developers, building owners, and building operators achieve their building and infrastructure project goals and objectives. Amongst its vast portfolio of projects are Eunoia Junior College, Fusionopolis Phase 2A, The Gardens by The Bay, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH), National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID), Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH), Woodlands Division HQ, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), and the State Courts.

Two decades later now, PM Link not only celebrates a noteworthy milestone in the company’s history but is also looking at stepping up in the face of recent global events and re-evaluating market demands. “With rapidly changing industry developments, it is increasingly important for companies to strengthen future roadmaps and reconsider continuity strategies. We recognise the need to incorporate new visions of sustainability and digital delivery to ensure that PM Link is always at the forefront of bringing innovative and customised solutions for our clients,” said the Managing Director of PM Link, Mr. Tan Cheng Chuah.

Aptly named “Reimagine 2.0”, PM Link’s business transformation programme involves making several strategic investments to renew its business, including further technological adoption, knowledge sharing and continuous learning and development (L&D).

To strengthen its sustainability framework, PM Link focuses on a ground-up approach that targets energy and resource efficiency. Setting up an “Internal Sustainability Workgroup” will plan and execute sustainable ideas and practices the company can adopt in day-to-day operations. Furthermore, PM Link will go for the ISO 22301 certification in Business Continuity Management to ensure it is always up to date with the best practices in the industry, which will also aid in business sustainability.

Another area that PM Link is concentrating on is project management technology. PM Link has been gradually transforming its project management processes through Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) by using digital technologies to integrate work processes and connect stakeholders working on the same project throughout the construction and building life-cycle. It is exploring technological tools to improve efficiency in the work process further. For instance, the use of virtual site tools to visualise site progress remotely 360° and to conduct remote virtual walks to inspect progress and compare different stages to demonstrate work done. The company also adopts technology that improves Building Information Modelling (BIM) coordination and workflow through BIM collaboration platforms. By steering the project management sector through the increased and proficient use of technology and digitalised systems, PM Link aims to achieve higher productivity and cost savings for clients.

As part of this business transformation, the company has also unveiled a new corporate logo this month. This new corporate logo envisages PM Link’s long-term objectives and symbolises the company's aspirations to augment capabilities and services to better cater to our clients and partners. It depicts "PM LINK" in clear, simple, and bold capital letters on a solid straight line that is symbolic of the company's reliability and strong track record. Based on this sound foundation, PM Link shall continue to grow with the times through progressiveness and sustainability, a vision metaphorically represented by the backdrop of ascending vertical bars.

PM Link’s new corporate logo unveiled in February 2022 (Image Credit: PM Link)

To attain these objectives, PM Link recognises the importance of implementing a multifaceted strategy. In addition to innovation and customised solutions that will help increase efficiency and productivity in projects, the company also views sustainability as a means to a resilient built environment.

“We believe that the future of modern Singapore lies in being smarter, more sustainable and resilient. We want to be an integral part of Singapore’s efforts in transforming and strengthening the built environment. To that end, we are investing in building the future with our stakeholders in different ways, including the nurturing of the next generation of talents who will sustain our built environment,” said Mr. Tan.

The company is moving towards an environment where the working level decides the pathways they want to create or undertake. Giving examples of this new environment, Mr. Tan explained that project managers are given opportunities to form committees for training, technology and quality. These committees examine the industry norms, evaluate new ideas or recommendations, and share their findings across the company.

The openness and knowledge sharing helps empower employees, with younger employees learning the ropes while more experienced employees get to experience constructive mentoring and guiding fresh talents.

With “Reimagine 2.0”, PM Link is confident that it can set itself apart as the project management company of choice, with a workforce that possesses the skill sets always relevant to the ever-changing built environment, aided with modern technologies.

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About PM Link Pte Ltd

PM Link Pte Ltd (PM Link), a subsidiary of CPG Corporation, is one of the leading project managers in the Asian region. Specialising in project management, PM Link’s services range from conceptualising, planning and coordinating building and infrastructure projects both local and overseas. Some of our notable projects include the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Changi Airport, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, State Courts Towers, Woodlands Checkpoint, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and National Centre for Infectious Diseases.

As a veteran in the industry, PM Link value-add to clients and the whole delivery process with dedication and leadership, strategic planning, integrative communication and a constant commitment on delivering quality work and efficient management of time and budget.

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