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PRESS RELEASE: PM Link signs MoU with Airsquire to Drive Integrated Digital Delivery in BE Industry

This MoU between PM Link and Airsquire is aimed at accelerating digital transformation in Singapore's built environment industry, and enhancing operational efficiency across the construction and building value chain. The partnership is in line with the nation's efforts to achieve Built Environment Industry Transformation and create a highly skilled workforce well-versed in the use of the latest operational technologies.

PM Link and Airsquire sign MoU
(From left to right) The PM Link team comprising Mr Mak Yew Cheong, Senior Consultant, Mr Ngo Wei Quan, Director and Mr Tan Cheng Chuah, Managing Director, and the Airsquire team comprising Mr Kyle Tan, Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder, Mr Zhong Yan Bin, Chief Technology Officer/Co-Founder and Mr Joseph Koh, Account Partner.

Singapore, 30 November 2023 – PM Link Pte Ltd (PM Link), the project management subsidiary of CPG Corporation, has signed a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Airsquire Pte. Ltd. (Airsquire) to accelerate the pace of digital transformation in the built environment.

An MoU signing ceremony between the two parties was held at the PM Link office today and was signed by Mr Tan Cheng Chuah, Managing Director of PM Link, and Mr Kyle Tan, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Airsquire. The signing of the MoU aligns with Singapore’s strategy to transform the built environment sector through the creation of a highly skilled workforce trained in the use of digital technologies throughout the construction and building life cycle. The MoU also seeks to establish and encourage local, sustainable partnerships that create business value by sharing best practices and discovering new skill sets.

PM Link and Airsquire share the belief that effective collaboration across sectors can yield advantages, including closing the divide between resources and knowledge, promoting operational efficiency, and fostering an environment for experimentation and innovation.

“PM Link is constantly on the lookout for new tools that can enhance the delivery of our PM services. By collaborating with an innovative local technology firm like Airsquire, we are forging a cross-industry partnership that also benefits Singapore’s-built environment through the sharing of best practices and the discovery of new skill sets,” said PM Link’s Managing Director, Mr Tan Cheng Chuah.

“Airsquire has long been working with and learning from digital engineering teams in Singapore. Through collaboration with PM Link, not only can we gain valuable insights from cross-industry experiences through feedback and learning, but we can also nurture technology and built environment talents through the joint creation of a digital culture," added Mr Kyle Tan, CEO of Airsquire.

PM Link and Airsquire began collaborating in 2021 when the former was seeking local construction software developers to enhance the delivery of project management services for its clients. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the urgent need for efficient solutions to site monitoring, as people's movements to many project sites were restricted. At that time, Airsquire was launching its 360° virtual sites platform and was looking to deepen industry value through local partnerships. A partnership was thus born out of a strategic alignment of interests to collaborate on the practical implementation of 360° site monitoring.

Airsquire’s Virtual Sites product is a 360° site reality capture solution (RCS) that allows stakeholders to view and interact, enabling all parties to remotely monitor on-site progress, identify potential conflicts or issues, and maintain the project schedule. During the trial collaboration, PM Link and Airsquire worked on two of PM Link’s projects: additions and alterations work for the Family Justice Courts (FJC) and a new fitting-out for the multinational clothing company H&M’s office.

The product was first implemented in the FJC project during the Covid-19 pandemic. With movement restrictions in place, Airsquire’s 360° progress documentation, powered by AI, eliminated the need for lengthy site walks. PM Link’s project managers were also able to improve client satisfaction through better communication about progress and issues via the immersive 360° virtual spaces.

In the case of H&M, the use of a cloud-based tool meant that the client, headquartered in Sweden, could be updated on construction progress by PM Link’s Singapore-based project managers because on-site progress could be easily demonstrated virtually. Productivity of the project managers was also improved through multiple locations and site-monitoring enabled by same-day access to virtual sites, accompanied by swift generation of digital client reports. In both cases, feedback from the clients on this integration of technology was positive.

Under the MoU, for the next three years, PM Link and Airsquire will continue to work closely to further implement and standardise 360° digital workflows on real projects and enhancing productivity in the value chain. This collaboration not only ensures the ongoing improvement of the digital platform but also facilitates scalability to other project management initiatives under PM Link, benefiting more clients.

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