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PM Link: Driving Collaboration in Sustainability

Updated: Feb 26

We believe that sustainability is not a destination but a continuous journey. PM Link is dedicated to being at the forefront of sustainable project management practices, fostering collaboration in sustainability with our valued stakeholders, and promoting knowledge exchange within the broader business and environmental ecosystem. Our ultimate goal is to pave the way towards a greener and brighter future for all.

A successful sustainability project, the modern Khoo Teck Puah Hospital sits on the edge of the lush Yishun pond | PM Link
Our client, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH), is based on the concept of a 'hospital in a garden, a garden in a hospital'.

At PM Link, we strive to stay ahead of the curve in our industry by continuously adapting and anticipating the future needs of our clients, including embracing sustainability as part of our business transformation.

To create pathways towards a sustainable future, Tan Cheng Chuah, Managing Director of PM Link, explains that the company takes a three-step approach. Firstly, PM Link promotes a culture of sustainability within the company. This can be achieved by nurturing a generation of sustainability-minded project managers who lead by example and are always willing to upskill themselves. Secondly, these project managers collaborate with industry stakeholders, especially clients, to deliver more environmentally friendly projects. Finally, the project managers engage and participate in knowledge-sharing with industry players within the built environment (BE) ecosystem to advance sustainability.

“To drive transformative change, we must integrate sustainability values firmly into our practices and business operations, aspire to learn and develop relevant skill sets for tomorrow, collaborate with stakeholders, and actively engage and share experiences in the industry,” says Cheng Chuah.

Collaboration in Sustainability begins with a New Generation of Sustainability-Minded Project Managers

PM Link has established the Sustainability Workgroup for two purposes: To support the company’s business transformation by fostering changes within PM Link and to champion sustainability through knowledge sharing across the BE industry.

The Sustainability Workgroup, through engagements with PM Link’s staff and management, identified key areas of improvement needed to support the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Diagram shows PM Link's framework for sustainability projects | PM Link
PM Link collaborates with stakeholders in the BE ecosystem to drive sustainabability.

The Workgroup initiated a series of programmes that reflect conscientious shifts towards a sustainable future. Starting from its operational processes, PM Link embraces technology to advance sustainability. This includes adopting digital name cards, implementing paperless documentation, and facilitating communication through digital channels. In addition to these measures, we have transitioned from using a compactus system to the cloud, streamlining our operations and reducing physical storage needs.

Our commitment extends to our workplace environment, making a conscious choice to operate from an office building in Woodlands North Coast (WNC), which has attained the BCA Green Mark certification (Platinum). This remarkable building boasts features that align with our sustainability values, such as strategically placed recycling bins at lift lobbies, water management designed to reduce the ecological footprint, and naturally ventilated common spaces.

Within the workplace, we have embedded eco-friendly practices, including compliance with lease standards, which ensures that our office space aligns with environmentally friendly principles, low-VOC paint certified under the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme, energy-efficient LED light fittings, and reduce waste with reusable cups, instead of disposable ones, for staff use. Additionally, we have introduced green walls and planters within workstations and collaboration spaces to create a more inspiring and sustainable workspace. These natural elements enhance the office aesthetics and contribute to a healthier and more sustainable working environment, fostering a sense of well-being among our employees.

PM Link also recognises the importance of a hybrid workplace model. Allowing employees to work remotely can enhance work-life balance while maintaining a low carbon footprint. Moreover, the company has invested in the development of its project managers. Through various initiatives like ISO Certification, Green Mark Certification, and other skills development programs, PM Link is nurturing a new generation of professionals well-versed in sustainability practices.

Beyond its internal efforts, community development is vital to the company’s sustainability strategy. Staff engage in activities like beach clean-ups and recycling workshops to reinforce the values of sustainability and foster camaraderie among our staff.

For instance, on October 13, 2023, while under the blazing sun, the PM Link team dedicated an afternoon to cleaning up Coney Island's shoreline, successfully removing a staggering 115.90 kg of debris from the beaches.

Photograph of the dynamic project managers and staff at a sustainability-themed event - a beach clean-up.
The PM Link team at Coney Island for a beach clean-up activity.

Driving the Spirit of Collaboration with Clients to Boost Sustainability

Working closely with clients, PM Link’s project managers advocate sustainability in various projects and proactively share insights and recommendations to support their clients’ sustainability journeys. For instance, in the case of a polyclinic in one of Singapore’s public healthcare networks, PM Link played a pivotal role in encouraging green and gracious initiatives during construction. This involved setting up recyclable bins and ingeniously integrating greenery by using construction waste, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.

Another example is a general hospital in a public healthcare network, where PM Link went beyond conventional waste management practices. Instead, we facilitated the transformation of waste materials into valuable resources. For instance, felled trees were upcycled into exquisite furniture and wall features. This project exemplifies our dedication to showcasing the potential of sustainable practices in the construction industry.

At PM Link, we take pride in using sustainability as our guiding principle, even in our Alteration and Addition (A&A) projects, for example, deploying low-carbon practices such as localised demolition. Our project managers work closely with clients to breathe new life into ageing buildings constructed under outdated regulations where these structures are transformed into modern iterations that not only comply with today’s most stringent requirements, such as the prestigious platinum-level in the BCA Green Mark scheme but also embody sustainability at every level.

Knowledge Exchanges with Professionals in the BE Ecosystem

Apart from internal stakeholders and clients, PM Link is also actively engaged with professionals in the community on topics aimed at reducing waste, enhancing efficiency, and mitigating carbon emissions.

“We aim to deepen our understanding of sustainability through learning and candid discussions on novel practical solutions with various professionals in the ecosystem,” says Melvin Jee, Project Director and Sustainability Workgroup Leader at PM Link. “As such, we are initiating face-to-face and virtual sessions with different stakeholders in the community for engagement as part of our advocacy for a greener industry and to share knowledge that will encourage positive changes across our ecosystem.”

To gain valuable insights into the environmental impact and recycling efforts related to timber waste, the Sustainability Workgroup has organised learning activities. For instance, the team recently visited builders specialising in timber waste management. Such excursions provide the project managers with a firsthand understanding of the environmental implications of timber waste and the innovative recycling efforts being employed within the industry.

The Workgroup has also identified platforms or industry conventions, such as the Built Environment Xpo Asia (BEX Asia), for PM Link staff to share their knowledge or experiences with stakeholders on various sustainability-themed topics, reinforcing PM Link’s dedication to fostering positive changes.

Inside Khoo Teck Puah Hospital | PM Link
KTPH's healing environment is enhanced by its lush greenery and natural ventilation.

Creating Pathways to a Sustainable Future

PM Link's transformation journey underscores its unwavering commitment to sustainability as a core value. PM Link is actively pioneering cultural change within its organisation through diverse, innovative initiatives. We are fostering a spirit of collaboration with our clients, empowering them to embrace and promote sustainable practices throughout their projects.

As we navigate the future, PM Link's dedication to sustainability is a testament to responsible business practices. It serves as an inspiration not only for our industry peers but for anyone on the path to building a more sustainable world.

“As PM Link’s sustainability lead, I believe that building a greener environment is about laying the foundation for a brighter, more sustainable future,” adds Melvin. “Our commitment to advocating for a greener BE ecosystem is a testament to our dedication to preserving our planet.”

Whether through sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration or minimising embodied carbon emissions, PM Link is making sustained efforts to propel the BE industry forward, encouraging it to embrace positive change and construct a world where sustainability is not just a goal but a way of life. Together, PM Link is forging the pathways to a brighter, more sustainable future with Singapore.


This blog post is the final of a three-part series which gives insights into how PM Link is embarking on its business transformation programme ‘Reimagine 2.0’. Learn more about our quality transformation here and technology transformation here.


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