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Project Managers for Singapore’s New Generation of Smart, Sustainable Housing Developments

Project Managers for Singapore’s New Generation of Smart, Sustainable Housing Developments PM Link
Perspectives courtesy of the Housing & Development Board

At just 56 years of age, Singapore is a young nation amidst the global community of developed nations, and with a high homeownership rate of 87.9 percent for the year 2020.

This is largely due to Singapore’s success in meeting the needs of the growing population with affordable, high-quality housing.

Early in the country’s formative years, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) was established on 1 February 1960 to address Singapore’s housing crisis beset by overcrowding and unsanitary living conditions. And they got to work quickly – in just 5 years, the HDB built 54,000 flats for Singaporeans.

Today, the HDB – which offers housing through different sales systems including Build-To-Order (BTO) and Sale of Balance Flats (SBF) – has completed more than one million flats in 23 towns and 3 estates across the island.

Better Housing and Living Environments

On 25 October 1969, the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, then Prime Minister of Singapore, spoke about building new and better housing and living environment. “They will be better designed to live in and to look at, better spaced and sited, with amenities that make for gracious living -- parks, swimming pools, playing fields, recreational centres and shopping arcades,” said Mr. Lee.

Singapore’s housing estates now come with amenities such as community clubs, wet markets, food centres and schools. The residences and amenities are high quality building and construction projects that serve the needs of society. PM Link is proud to have delivered one such quality project, Marymount Community Club (CC), located on the site shared with Eunoia Junior College.

Marymount CC is situated by a heartland park with facilities for individuals and families in the surrounding Sin Ming and Bishan estates. The CC is a hub of activity for residents to meet, learn and bond over common interests. There are learning and development programmes, recycling waste collection stations for residents to drop off their electronic and paper waste, and fitness facilities such as beach volleyball court, basketball court, football field and a running track.

Another quality building project that serves the community is a modern food centre and market for residents. Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre and Market, located along Bukit Panjang Ring Road, is popular with residents for its affordable and delicious food.

Lush, Green and Sustainable Living Environment

Construction is currently underway for Singapore’s 24th HDB town, Tengah, located in the western part of our island. Tengah, the “Forest Town”, will have homes surrounded by lush greenery and nature.

Overview of Tengah town in Singapore by PM Link Project Managers
Image credit: HDB press release

Tengah will be the first town in Singapore to have a car-free town centre. Indeed, the Tengah Town Centre is designed to be a park where vehicles ply underground. Throughout Tengah, all roads will have dedicated walking and cycling paths for residents to enjoy their walks or cycling trips safely and comfortably.

Within this evergreen forest town will be five unique housing districts: Plantation District, Garden District, Park District, Brickland District and Forest Hill District. PM Link is proud to be the project manager for the building and construction of a number of high quality residential homes within the Plantation District.

We are also the project managers for a number of residential homes throughout Singapore. These projects include new build-to-order (BTO) flats in Bidadari estate, a part of Toa Payoh town. The upcoming Bidadari estate will be a tranquil urban oasis with new parks and features such as the Bidadari Park, the Alkaff Lake which will be a recreation of the former Alkaff Lake Garden and a 700-metre long Heritage Walk lined with conserved rain trees.

Our project managers are also involved in the delivery of positive outcomes for new residential projects in Bishan estate. These high-rise residential blocks and its multi-storey carpark will have beautiful sky gardens to offer residents a peaceful living environment.

New Generation of Housing in Sustainable Towns

“As Singapore modernises, expectations for better quality living will grow,” says Sean Chua, Principal Project Manager, PM Link. “I own the responsibility to help my clients achieve their vision through effective project management and communication skills in building and construction projects. I am proud to play a role in delivering a new generation of housing in smart, sustainable towns across Singapore.”

As we move ahead into the future, PM Link is aligned with Singapore’s Green Plan 2030 which aims to advance the nation’s agenda on sustainable development.

One key focus of the Green Plan is “City in Nature” in which Singapore will create green, liveable and sustainable homes for Singaporeans. PM Link is committed to being the project manager of choice to help clients transform Singapore’s built environment with high quality building and construction projects that serve the evolving needs of our modern society.


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