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Future-Forward: Going on a Journey of Growth

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Over the past 20 years, PM Link has delivered many successful projects for Singapore's built environment. Today, the company is forging ahead with sustainable and technological initiatives to support its business transformation and meet clients' current and future needs.

“With rapidly changing industry developments, it is increasingly important for companies to strengthen future roadmaps and reconsider continuity strategies. We recognise the need to incorporate new visions of sustainability and digital delivery to ensure that PM Link is always at the forefront of bringing innovative and customised solutions for our clients,” said Mr. Tan Cheng Chuah, Managing Director, PM Link.

Aptly named “Reimagine 2.0”, PM Link’s business transformation programme also includes reducing its carbon footprint with stakeholders and nurturing its growing pool of project management talents. To that end, the company is making several strategic investments to transform its business including the technology, knowledge sharing and continuous learning and development (L&D).

Embarking on growth and transformation through technology

PM Link is leveraging technology to improve operations and efficiencies in its daily operation as part of its business transformation programme. The business transformation comprises a five-year Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) and the company has been gradually transforming its project management processes through Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD).

For example, PM Link utilises a visualisation tool to remotely view site progress, inspect progress via virtual walk-throughs safely and compare different stages of work done. This enables the PMs and their stakeholders to work safely yet effectively. The company also adopts the latest technology that improves Building Information Modelling (BIM) coordination and workflow.

The company is also proactively helping its project managers (PMs) acquire technology skills to help them create the most appropriate solutions for clients. By using digital technologies to integrate work processes and connect stakeholders working on the same project throughout the construction and building lifecycle, PM Link aims to achieve higher productivity and attain client goals most effectively.

Investing in sustainability for the future of Singapore

The company is embarking on a multifaceted strategy to sustainability. The strategy builds on PM Link’s strong foundation of success to build a vibrant and sustainable modern Singapore of tomorrow.

“We believe that the future of modern Singapore lies in being smarter, more sustainable and resilient. We want to be an integral part of Singapore’s efforts in transforming and strengthening the built environment. To that end, we are investing in building the future with our stakeholders in different ways, including the nurturing of the next generation of talents who will sustain our built environment,” said Cheng Chuah.

Some examples of these investments include:

  • Sustainability in the Workplace - Within the company, all employees have opportunities to offer ideas and recommendations to incorporate eco-friendly practices into the workplace.

  • Sustainability for Clients - PMs are constantly learning and familiarising themselves with the sector requirements and Government green plans and guidelines to offer the appropriate counsel or develop new service offerings to clients where possible.

  • Sustainability in built environment projects - PM Link is collaborating with clients to deliver the next generation of high-quality lush, green, and sustainable living environments for the people of Singapore.

Announcing a new corporate logo for a new phase

To mark its next phase of growth, PM Link has kicked off 2022 with a new corporate logo that reflects its ambition to be the project manager of choice through quality project management services based on innovative and customised solutions.

PM Link’s new corporate logo unveiled in February 2022

The new corporate logo sets the company name “PM Link” in clear, simple, and bold capital letters on a solid straight line. The solid line is symbolic of the strong track record achieved by PM Link in its 20 years of establishment.

The backdrop of vertical bars in ascending order is a metaphorical representation of how the company will grow and thrive on this solid foundation, while the colour blue embodies its reputation of trustworthiness, reliability, and security among its sterling clients.

Creating a dynamic and people-centric workplace of the future

To attain the objectives embodied by the new corporate logo, PM Link recognises that in addition to innovation and customised solutions that will help increase efficiency and productivity in projects, a resilient built environment is also dependant on the next generation of workforce which support it.

To nurture the next generations of dynamic individuals who will make a difference in the development of Singapore’s built environment, the company is moving towards a work setting where the working level decides the pathways that they want to create or undertake. PMs are given opportunities to form committees for topics such as training, technology and quality. In these committees, they examine the industry norms, evaluate new ideas or recommendations, and share their findings across the company.

For instance, the committee looking into training examine the necessary skills and competencies for PMs at different levels of seniority, taking into consideration competition and changes in the marketplace. They will present their findings, and these will generate more discussions among the employees.

Cheng Chuah believes such employee engagement would help to build a better workplace and empower employees of all levels and ages. Employees who are given the space to explore and guide others, will in turn be motivated to create new pathways for the collective group of their fellow colleagues.

On the Reimagine 2.0 transformation programme to set PM Link apart, the PMs and supporting staff stay relevant to the ever-changing built environment (BE) industry with modern technologies and the latest skillsets.

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Come experience PM Link!

PM Link offers project management opportunities for experienced PMs and internship opportunities for young talents interested in shaping the future of Singapore’s built environment. Write in to us via our Careers page here to join our family.


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