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Sustained Quality Project Management to meet Singapore's evolving BE sector

Updated: Feb 26

Reimagine 2.0: PM Link on the drive for sustained quality through integrated management

Image shows a building towards the sky as PM Link strives to push ahead with sustained quality project management in Singapore
PM Link's journey of transformation: Driving sustained quality management to meet Singapore's evolving BE sector

As the built environment sector evolves, industry demands change rapidly. Therefore, even as a veteran project management service firm, PM Link is constantly strengthening its future roadmap and business continuity strategies.

At the core of its business transformation programme, Reimagine 2.0, are strategic initiatives such as technology adoption, knowledge-sharing, and continuous learning and development (L&D). The objective is to achieve positive outcomes to benefit the company, its employees, clients, and other stakeholders.

With the accelerated changes brought about by the pandemic during the last three years, the question that kept popping up during PM Link’s internal knowledge-sharing sessions and staff engagements was: How can it raise quality standards to continue meeting the future needs of its clients?

This question is crucial, as a sustainable business framework can differentiate the company and set it apart in the process-driven building and construction industry. Under “Reimagine 2.0”, PM Link will incorporate strategic moves such as new technology adoption and knowledge-sharing, supported by internal enhancements such as employee development and process improvement.

“We are taking a holistic approach for Reimagine 2.0 to ensure that our transformation impacts all aspects of the business positively and benefits both internal and external stakeholders,” says Mr Tan Cheng Chuah, Managing Director of PM Link.

With this in mind, the management has appointed a workgroup to spearhead a 360 approach to quality transformation across PM Link with the aim of driving sustained quality project management to meet Singapore's evolving built environment (BE).

Transformation: Clear, Transparent, And Effective Process For Sustained Quality Project Management in Singapore

A group of dynamic and forward-looking project managers with various experiences came together to form the PM Link Quality Workgroup. The group is responsible for improving quality standards and establishing clear and practical guidelines for all staff through a clear, transparent, and effective process.

PM Link's comprehensive, multi-prong approach to sustained quality project management throughout its business transformation
The PM Link Quality Workgroup drives quality transformation through a clear and effective process

As a start, an objective evaluation of the current quality guidelines, procedures, and processes is conducted. Then, the Quality Workgroup proactively engages with all Project Managers to understand their challenges and difficulties in applying current quality standards in different industries, built environment life cycles, or types of projects. In this evaluation stage, common issues are also identified.

Subsequently, in-depth discussions are conducted with the Project Managers and PML management on new or emerging client expectations, identifying gaps between current quality standards and changing client expectations. Finally, the group studies the underlying factors that cause these gaps and brainstorm solutions to overcome these issues or concerns.

After a thorough evaluation, the group is ready to develop new solutions for in-house explorations and assessments. At the solutions development stage, the Quality Workgroup adjusts existing processes to create solutions that could be easy, safe, and efficient to implement, such as updated processes, procedures, workflows, templates, and checklists. To ensure these new processes run smoothly, the Quality Workgroup constantly assesses the planned processes and collects feedback.

The next phase is an Integrated Management System (IMS) which comprises an IMS manual, procedures for quality management and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), and a Business Continuity system procedure to incorporate these best practices into everyday processes.

These deliverables resulting from the Workgroup’s engagement with all Project Managers, who have actively contributed new ideas and solutions during brainstorming sessions, are coded into the IMS as live documents and periodically reviewed for continual improvement. This feedback loop allows the Quality Workgroup to assess implementation, streamline processes, and resolve any obstacles, resulting in an efficient and effective project management system.

Through this process, the Workgroup aims to ensure that PM Link stays top-of-mind among its clients for its high-quality project management services.

Recognising the crucial role that Project Managers play in ensuring the success of a construction project, the Quality Workgroup also looks into the skills needed for tomorrow's Project Manager. Therefore, an annual training programme helps Project Managers identify their skills gaps, plan for necessary training, and equip them with the essential knowledge and skills for the evolving built environment sector.

Positive Outcomes from Sustained Quality Project Management

PM Link has seen positive responses and meaningful outcomes since its quality transformation journey began. In particular, clients working in close collaboration with Project Managers have noted the enhancements and provided positive feedback.

Ms Pan Min Zin, Associate Director and Quality Workgroup leader at PM Link, shares that stakeholder communications is one area where clients have noticed significant improvements. “For instance, the standardised minutes of meetings and reporting, helpful in complex projects, now capture communications even more clearly and succinctly with action items for all stakeholders,” Min Zin adds.

Clients have acknowledged PM Link's conscientious efforts through positive comments at meetings and discussions, boosting the Project Managers' confidence. As a result, the Quality Workgroup continues to define PM Link's hallmark of quality.

“In undertaking this journey of quality transformation, our primary objectives were to deliver a higher quality of service to clients and adhere to ISO standards. We are pleased to have achieved that and more. The useful checklists and templates developed are empowering our Project Managers to deliver quality work consistent with the higher standards we set for ourselves,” says Cheng Chuah.

He adds that the streamlined workflows afford the staff more time to concentrate on essential tasks, resulting in happier employees providing better client services and improving satisfaction levels for both parties.

Overall, this quality transformation journey is a win-win situation for PM Link, its clients, and its staff.

Always Advancing, Steadfastly Striving for Sustained Quality Project Management

The quality transformation is just one of the many initiatives for PM Link as it undergoes its Reimagine 2.0 business transformation. The Quality Workgroup will continue driving improvements, encouraging out-of-box thinking, and cross-collaborations with other workgroups.

For example, it is already working closely with PM Link's Technology Workgroup on digitalisation across the entire project management stages, raising the efficiency of its projects and securing the future readiness of its fellow Project Managers in the company.

By collaborating on different areas of expertise, each Workgroup can carve new growth and development pathways, ultimately benefitting the company.

All these efforts align with PM Link’s vision to be the Project Manager of choice for clients in the building and construction industry. Through its Reimagine 2.0 transformation, this progressive company continually pushes itself towards higher aspirations and goals.

"As we take stock of this 360-transformation journey, I am proud to say that we have made significant strides in improving the quality of our services and enhancing our project management capabilities,” says Cheng Chuah.

“PM Link will continue to innovate, collaborate, and explore new avenues for growth and development. Our commitment to progress is unwavering, and we will always strive to be at the forefront of the industry, delivering value to our clients and stakeholders.”

This blog post is the first part of a three-part series which gives insights into how PM Link is embarking on its business transformation programme “Reimagine 2.0”.


PM Link has successfully delivered some of Singapore’s major BE projects over the last 22 years. These projects are the State Courts of Singapore, Eunoia Junior College, Fusionopolis Phase 2A, National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID), and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH).

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